The new library was opened in the year 2004 and is called Informations-, Kommunikations- und Medienzentrum (IKMZ). It was designed by the famous architects Herzog & de Meuron.

Their intention was to re-orient the urban space of the whole city, so they carried out an in-depth study and this explains the shape of the building. Thanks to the library’s strange shape (a little like an amoeba), the building seems to cascade down from the small hill on which it stands and spread liquid-like into the surrounding landscape.

The structural power of the building in the urban environment is a fitting end to the renovation process currently implemented by the university and to the goals of the designers to give the city a new symbol capable of reviving up the urban structure and aesthetics of the entire city from its grey banal past.

  • Architect Hezog&DeMeuron
  • Built in: 2004
  • Location Cottbus, Germany